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I begin with a registered user. What he can do:

1. Create messages ( subject + body ) to send to another registered user. The list of the users on the system will be taken either from database, either from an Application variable. The message will be recorded to a database( configured by the owner of the site ) with the possibility to be send also by email

2. When login, the registered user can see the list of messages and replies send to/by him. Also, if he has unread messages he can see an advertisement.

3. The application could be seen also from a mobile device.

What should be done also:

4. The install of the application should be easy for any developer ( xcopy or some package – like Nuget or recipe)

Please see

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bigwelly Nov 26, 2013 at 2:49 PM 
How are you? Like your solution here and I have similar project and would like to ask if Is there a way to use WPF instead a IIS with this system?